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Detect Hidden Water Leaks Behind Walls like a Pro! – 4 Signs


Detect Hidden Water Leaks Behind Walls like a Pro! - 4 SignsWater damage is one of the most common and challenging problems every homeowner has to deal with. But what is even more challenging is when the damage occurs without your knowledge.

There are many sources of water damage. Some sources like flooding and sewage backups are obvious and can easily get noticed by a homeowner. But some sources of water damage are difficult to detect, like leaks behind walls.

In most cases, by the time you discover the problem, it has already caused significant damage that may need thousands of dollars for restoration.

Danger Of Water Leaks Behind Walls

Water leaks behind walls can lead to serious structural damage and mold growth.

Building materials like wood, insulation, wallpaper, and drywall are naturally porous and when soaked in water can result in warping babbling and deterioration.

On the other hand, undetected water leaks behind walls can lead to mold growth. Little by little, these microorganisms can spread into your ceiling and walls.

When mold issues are left unaddressed for a long time, it can lead to extensive damage and can pose health issues to your family.

What Causes Water Leaks Behind Walls

A water leak behind walls happens due to several reasons;

  • A plumbing system that weakens over time
  • Burst pipes because of extreme temperatures
  • External forces that cause damage to the plumbing system
  • Hard water that corrodes metallic pipes and causes them to create a leak

Recognize Signs Of Water Leaks Behind Walls

Though water leaks behind walls are difficult to detect, several signs can help you find these water leaks.

  • Visible Stains on the Wall 

One of the easiest indicators that you could be dealing with a water leak behind walls is when you notice visible stains on your wall.

The water from a leak behind your wall can penetrate your drywall and sheetrock.

If you notice the stains on your wall continue to expand, you are definitely having a plumbing leak behind your wall.

  • Mold Formation 

Another most common telltale sign of a hidden water leak behind walls is when mold starts to develop on your wall or baseboards.

Mold grows in areas where there is moisture.

So, if you notice mold growing on your wall, there is a water source that is providing moisture and allowing it to happen.

  • Musty Odor 

Apparently, if there is mold, musty smells develop. This happens when building materials like sheetrock, drywall, and wood becomes wet because of excess water or moisture.

If you notice a pungent musty smell somewhere on your wall, you could be dealing with a water leak or mold growth.

  • Peeling Paint or Wallpaper 

When there is too much moisture behind your wall, the paint or wallpaper will start to peel off or bubble. This happens when the sheetrock behind your wall is severely wet. This also happens when a home has water-based paints (water-based paints cannot handle water well).

If you notice the wallpaper starts to separate from the wall or the paint begins to flake, there could be a water leak near that area.

Test Your Water Meter

The signs discussed above are very helpful to determine if you have water leaks behind walls. But these signs do not guarantee your diagnosis.

If you are in doubt and you want to be sure, you may consider testing your water meter. Follow these steps;

  • Turn off all the faucets in your household including the appliances that utilize water (washing machine, dishwasher, etc. )
  • Check your home’s water meter and take a record of the number of your last usage.
  • Turn off the water inside and outside your home for at least three hours.
  • Check your water meter again to see the recent usage number.
  • If there are changes with the usage number and it has gone up, you

Contact Water Damage Restoration Professionals

When dealing with water leaks behind walls, it is important to address the issue right away and allow professionals to handle the problem. Dealing with a water leak behind your wall requires time and effort.

Saturated materials may need to be removed and dried out or replaced. It is also necessary to find and fix the source of the problem which may require the use of advanced technology.

A certified water damage restoration company, like Superior Restoration, can handle all work needed, from finding and fixing the source of the problem to removing, drying, and restoring your property to fixing mold issues. Our technicians are highly trained and skilled in dealing with all kinds of water damage and mold damage restoration.

With the help of our skilled technicians and the use of advanced tools and methods, we ensure that your home is back to its pre-damaged condition.

Call our local office today, Water Damage Riverside, for water damage restoration and mold removal services.


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