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3 Essential COVID-Safe Solutions by Superior Restoration


covid-safe solutionsLooking for COVID-safe solutions to protect yourself and your loved ones from the invisible threat of the coronavirus? The rapid spread of COVID-19 has caused a global pandemic and has impacted almost all countries and states, including the US. To ensure your safety, consider a professional coronavirus cleaning service that can provide thorough and effective disinfection of your space. Protect yourself and your community from this insidious virus.

According to the CDC, evidence shows that the coronavirus can spread between people through contact. However, it was also confirmed that it can also be transmitted through respiratory droplets (during coughing or sneezing) that can stay on surfaces for several days or even a week. When someone touches the contaminated surface or object and touches his eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands, he will be at risk of contracting the virus. Thus, along with doing proper hygiene and maintaining social distancing, it is crucial to clean and sanitize these dirty and contaminated surfaces.

As people, including communities and countries, wrestle with its significant impact and strive to slow down its transmission, our local restoration companies are responding proactively. While conditions continue to evolve daily, we continuously develop, adjust and expand our cleaning procedures and come up with Covid-safe solutions that only follow the practices set by the Center of Disease and Control or CDC. We ensure that our resources and procedures ease the danger and provide the comfort of our customers during this very challenging moment.

3 COVID-Safe Solutions by Superior Restoration

Superior Restorations Deep Cleaning Process

One of the most important tasks we practice as part of our covid-safe solutions is the deep cleaning process. This is how we respond and serve our customers during this trying time.  

  • We Clean and Apply Disinfectant.

To ensure that we will be able to deliver Covid-safe solutions processes to our clients, our skilled professionals are available day and night, upon request, to respond and apply disinfectant to contaminated surfaces or materials. We do it to secure public health and to perform preventive measures.

  • We Perform Emergency Disinfection and Contamination.

Superior Restoration utilizes mitigation resources and high-grade tools like foggers and disinfectants in providing covid-safe solutions cleaning process. They help ease the worry of our customers if a residence or a workspace has been exposed to the virus.

  • We Continuously Monitor And Implement Guidance Recommended By The Local Officials And Health Organizations. 

As the information regarding the virus continues to evolve, we closely monitor and only implement the use of chemicals and products approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in our covid-safe solutions cleaning process. We strictly follow protocols set by the agency for emerging viral pathogens.

  • We Thoroughly Protect Our Employees And Customers

Safety is top of our priority when it comes to performing infectious cleanup service during the CoVid-19 outbreak. Our cleanup team wears full protective gear, including biohazard overalls, shoe covers, and Nitrile gloves in the entire disinfection and decontaminating procedures. They also wear a full-face respirator to protect themselves against splashes that can come in contact with the mucous membrane of the nose, eyes, and mouth.

  • We Properly Dispose Of Used Materials For The Cleanup Process

Our crew collects and disposes of all the materials utilized in mitigating or cleaning up the virus. At the same time, we thoroughly sanitize all the tools, equipment, and even PPE used in cleaning up coronavirus.

Superior Restoration Protects Customers and Employees From Coronavirus

Furthermore, we maintain proper hygiene and social distancing when working in the office or in your residence as part of our Covid-safe solutions.

  • Frequently washing our hands with soap and water.
  • Regularly clean and sanitize frequently touched surfaces and objects like doorknobs, lockers, countertops, and others.
  • We strictly follow the social distancing protocol which is 6 feet away from each other.
  • Keeping distance when talking or greeting someone.
  • Wearing a face mask when needed and utilizing shoe covers.
  • Informing others of our health condition before entering a property.
  • Acquiring important information from our customers before performing the cleanup procedures. These include the health issues of the occupants.
  • Responding to our customers’ inquiries regarding the virus and our procedures.

Superior Restoration Is Here to Help You

In this most difficult time, we are here to help our customers ease their worries. Co-vid 19 pandemic certainly causes fear, worry, and panic to everyone. That is why we are here to work and provide professional cleanup service as part of our Covid-safe solutions in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. Our team applies the proper procedures in dealing with the cleanup process. Our methods of cleaning are applicable both in commercial and residential properties. We promise to do everything we can to help prevent the spread of the virus and provide you with a safe environment. Contact your local Superior Restoration office to know more about our cleanup procedures.

Disclaimer: Please be informed that the deep cleaning mitigation procedure does not guarantee the complete elimination of the virus. These procedures are efforts to contain and slow down the spread of the virus.


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