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Flooded Bathroom: 8 Easy Ways on How To Deal With It


flooded bathroomA flooded bathroom sometimes happens when you least expect it. And this can be very frustrating. Moreover, you need to face a lot of issues such as toilet overflows, sewage backups, flood water, or leaks that can lead to mold and water damage to your home. In the event of a flooded bathroom, you may consider calling a professional water damage restoration company to prevent serious damage.

To lessen this panicky situation, understanding what causes a flooded bathroom is important as well as how to respond quickly in this kind of event. Scroll down to read more of our tips!

What are the causes of a flooded bathroom?

The following are some instances of why your bathroom floods.

  • A leaking shower can cause the bathroom to flood due to burst pipes behind the wall, broken fittings or tapware, or a cracked shower tray.
  • A simple toilet overflow is another common cause of a flooded bathroom. This is caused by clogged toilets due to the flushing of improper materials, like toilet paper. And, it is also the result of backed-up sewer laterals.
  • Kids can contribute to your flooded bathroom. Most of the time, they just leave the tap running after washing hands with the plug-in. They also leave and throw wet tissue in the sink or tub, and in the drain which can cause an overflow.
  • Pipe and plumbing problems such as burst pipes, broken water supply lines, or blocked pipes can easily cause a flooded bathroom floor.
  • Sewer main backups can fill the bathroom with sewage due to storm flooding, as well as tree roots that can clog, crack, and back up sewer lines.

What to do when your bathroom floods?

1. Shutting off the water source is the first thing you should do when the water starts flowing. Turn off the water shut-off valve near the leak.

2. Make sure that the flooded area is safe before you clean. Turn off the main breaker and get rid of all electrical items that might pose a danger.

3. DIY repair of your bathroom’s plumbing issues is possible. If the pipe or line is within your reach, try to seal the leak with fiberglass tape or epoxy putty. Then follow up by patching it using a pipe repair clamp kit which can be purchased at a local hardware store. For a leaking toilet, you may need to install a new supply line, tighten the base of the toilet, or change the wax ring around its flange.

However, if the source of the flooded bathroom seems to be a broken pipe behind the bathroom wall, contact a professional.

4. Start to take pictures before cleaning up for your documentation. Then call your insurance agent and inform him about the extent of water damage in the bathroom.

5. Move things to another location if necessary. Dispose of items that are too wet to salvage. Moreover, check inside and out of your storage closets or cabinets for signs of water damage.

6. Get rid of standing water by using towels or mops and a bucket. You may opt to rent a wet vac to remove water completely.

7. Set up as many fans as possible to dry your flooded bathroom. You can also use a dehumidifier or rent heavy-duty drying equipment from the home improvement center for rapid drying. The drying process can take a few days to a week or more.

8. Clean everything inside the bathroom with a strong disinfectant.

Professional Restoration and Cleaning Services for Your Flooded Bathroom

If the flood in your bathroom is too dangerous, or if your upstairs bathroom floods which can really cause water damage in your home, give Superior Restoration a call. Any amount of water on the floor, especially standing water can seep underneath and cause damage to the structure of your property. We have skilled people in our team plus the special tools and equipment to help you clean your flooded bathroom!

Please contact Water Damage Riverside, we are always ready and quick to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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