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Water Damage Insurance: 6 Coverage of an Insurance Policy


water damage insuranceOver the past eight years, water damage claims have risen to 45% of all home insurance claims. Yet many policyholders are still not aware of the coverage of their water damage insurance policy.

It is imperative to be aware of what is covered in your insurance policy and what is excluded with regard to water damage. Not all policies are the same and sometimes cheaper policies can make you pay for the bargain.

So, what water damage events may or may not be covered by a typical homeowner insurance policy? Read on to find out.

6 Coverage of Water Damage Insurance Policy

Water Damage Insurance Coverage No. 1: Sudden or Accidental Damage

Standard homeowner policies provide protection from water damage in case the cause is accidental or sudden. This includes coverage if any of your appliances overflows or leaks or water line breaks. According to the Insurance Information Institute, you’ll be likely protected in certain events, for example, when an upstairs pipe bursts or water heater ruptures.

Water Damage Insurance Coverage No. 2: Sewer Back-Up

Sewer back-up refers to the damage caused by dirty water entering your home from septic tanks, drains, or pipes. Typically, regular home insurance policies do not include this coverage by default, but you can choose to add it as an optional coverage. Homeowners who are at a higher risk of experiencing back-up and flooding may find this coverage necessary.

It is highly recommended to consider adding this coverage, as the cost is usually minimal compared to the expenses involved in repairing the damages resulting from unexpected water damage due to sewer back-up.

Water Damage Insurance Coverage No. 3: Damage Due to Negligence

A dipping ice maker in the refrigerator, a small leak in a pipe, or a leaky toilet resulting in water damage will not be covered under your homeowner insurance policy as it is considered negligence on your part.

Water Damage Insurance Coverage No. 4: Water from Rain

Roof leak repairs will not be covered by the insurance as it is considered a maintenance problem. However, if the damage was caused by hail, wind, or rainstorms, then it will be covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy.

Water Damage Insurance Coverage No. 5: Heating or Air Conditioning Unit Bursts

Typically, the homeowner’s insurance policy will cover water damage from heating or air conditioning unit bursts. However, in case any maintenance issue or neglect is found, then the insurance will not provide coverage.

Water Damage Insurance Coverage No. 6: Flood Damage

It is important to know that no type of flood damage, whether from storms or overflowing lakes, rivers, or oceans is covered by a homeowner insurance policy.

So, if you live in an area where there are large sources of water that can potentially overflow, it is a good idea to consider flood insurance to ensure coverage.

It can be difficult to have your insurance claims accepted even when the water damage events are covered under your homeowner insurance policy. Most water damage restoration companies do not help their clients with their insurance claims.

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