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4 Contributing Factors to the Speed of Mold Growth


speed of mold growthSeveral factors can influence the speed of mold growth following a water damage event, such as natural disasters, floods, leaks, or excessive moisture caused by high humidity. These factors include how long the water has been present, the presence of organic materials, the home’s ventilation, and the temperature. In this article, you’ll learn about these four factors and effective methods to prevent mold spores from spreading further.

So, How Fast Does Mold Grow After Water Damage?

According to the EPA and the CDC, mold can mainly start to grow within 24 to 48 hours after water damage. However, mold spores have yet to be visibly seen since it usually takes 18 to 21 days for the spore-producing fungus to appear and colonize clearly. 

Furthermore, mold can infest your home under favorable conditions and expand rapidly within several hours to 12 days. So it is essential to act as swiftly as you can once water damage has occurred.

Contributing Factors to the Speed of Mold Growth

1. How Long Has the Water Been There

How swiftly mold develops following water damage on your property primarily depends on the length of time the filthy water has been in an area. If the liquid has been stagnant in the affected spot for over a couple of days, mold growth will occur quickly in that site. 

Conversely, mold’s flourishing capability diminishes if you routinely clean and dry your home. In addition, taking appropriate steps to solve any water damage sources as quickly as possible may save your property from the threats of mold generation.

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2. Your Home’s Temperature and Humidity

High humidity and warm temperature are other main components that contribute to the speed of mold growth. These two factors give excellent and favorable conditions for mold to develop rapidly. Cooling your home will slow down mold growth and give you a greater chance to immediately correct the source of moisture problems.

3. Your Home’s Ventilation

Adequate ventilation in the home is necessary to decrease the risk of mold development in your place. Keeping your home airy and dry will reduce the growth process and prevent mold damage. 

4. The Presence of Organic Substances

The presence of organic surfaces in the home, like wooden walls, ceilings, or floors, is perfect for spore-producing fungus to feed on. Once mold spores land on these surfaces, they spread and flourish fast throughout the room. 

How to Inhibit Mold Growth After Water Damage

There are various preventive measures you can take to decrease the chance of mold development:

  • Repair leaks and eradicate excess moisture issues as fast as possible. 
  • Take out any water-damaged items that cannot be cleaned or thoroughly dried. 
  • Utilize a dehumidifier or air conditioner to maintain low humidity levels in the home.
  • Improve the air circulation in the house by opening the doors and windows and using fans and exhaust fans. 

Remember that there is a strong possibility of moisture buildup in walls or flooring after any water damage incident. 

A standard error that many homeowners make is cleaning up and drying only the noticeable surfaces after a water damage event. They ignore any trapped water or moisture within or behind the walls or beneath the floorboards, allowing mold to grow undetected in an ample space.

When Should You Contact a Mold or Water Damage Restoration Professional?

water damage restoration

All indoor mold can be hazardous to your health. Once you have identified mold on your property, have a prompt mold-removal task done. If your home has over 10 square feet of noticeable mold growth, the EPA highly suggests hiring a mold remediation professional to evaluate and remedy the issue. 

Superior Restoration has years of experience providing quality water and mold damage restoration services. Our team of specialists only uses advanced tools and equipment, and procedures. 

Call us today if you need assistance with mold or water damage or have questions about our other restoration services. We are available 24/7, especially in emergency cases. 


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