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Top 7 Most Flammable Liquids and Items Found Around the Home


If you are an average homeowner, chances are you are keeping a wide variety of flammable liquids and items around your home. While you might be aware that some of these liquids or items are flammable and could cause a fire, many of them look harmless or do not pose a direct danger. 

Flammable liquids and items are responsible for causing more than 51,000 home fires each year, resulting in over 1,000 injuries, 168 deaths, and $644 million in property damage, according to the National Fire Protection Association. However, you can prevent these fires by taking the right precautions.

This article includes the flammable liquids and items found around your home and some tips on how to safely use and store them. 

Flammable Liquids and Items Around Your Home

1. Non-dairy Creamer and other Powdered Foods

That’s true. This staple food along with other powdered goods like flour, starch, sugar, powdered milk, and spices are all regarded as highly flammable liquids and items. This type of product, when exposed to a naked flame, can quickly flare up and ignite. So, when you are using any powdery products, you need to be extra careful. Store them in an airtight container with a secure lid to prevent powders from spilling and keep them away from your stove. 

2. Rubbing Alcohol and Hand Sanitizers

Other flammable liquids and items found at home are rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizers. While these products are very useful when you are out and about, they are very flammable. Hand sanitizers often contain alcohol, which means they can also ignite easily. So, beware when you use them or use only a small amount of alcohol or hand sanitizers that can dry out quickly. 

3. Aerosols

Many beauty products such as hair spray, hair mousse, and deodorants contain highly flammable chemicals such as alcohol. These products can pose danger when not used and stored properly. Always check the label of these flammable liquids and items on how to safely use them. Moreover, these products can explode when overheated. So, make sure to always store them away from any heat sources or under the sun. 

4. Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover

Because these liquids contain acetone, they can pose danger. This is because these products produce fumes and vapor that can ignite even from a distance. An incident once happened in Texas, when a woman’s body was burned when a nearby candle ignited her nail polish remover. While this is a rare case, it is important to be cautious and avoid using a nail polish remover near an open flame.  

5. Oranges

Surprisingly, this citrus fruit can also set your house on fire. The oil from this fruit contains limonene which is volatile and flammable. When you squeeze the fruit peel, its oil vaporizes enough to ignite an open flame and cause serious fire damage to your home. 

6. Linseed Oil

This type of liquid, used for staining or finishing work, dries up when exposed to the air. This drying process (called oxidation) can generate heat that can cause cleaning rags soaked in linseed oil to ignite. Also, keep in mind that any products used for painting, staining, and stripping are highly flammable. 

7. Gasoline, Turpentine, and Paint Thinner

They are one of the most hazardous liquids found in a home. Gasoline is known for causing 8,000 house fires annually. This is because homeowners often store them improperly in a garage or shed. 

How To Safely Store Flammable Liquids and Items At Home

  • Store gasoline, paint thinner, and turpentine only in a UL-approved container. 
  • Keep highly flammable liquids (like gasoline, oils, wood varnishes, strippers, and paints) outside your home. Perhaps, a detached garage or shed is an ideal place to store these liquids. 
  • The room should be well-ventilated, dry, and kept at room temperature.
  • Don’t fill the container more than 95% full to allow for expansion and avoid container rupture.
  • Make sure containers are tightly sealed to prevent fuel vapors from escaping and reaching a flame.
  • Keep these items away from electrical circuits or anything that can ignite them, like heat, sparks, or flames.

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