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Water-Damaged Hardwood Floor: 4 Basic Steps on How to Fix It


water-damaged hardwood floorHardwood flooring is one of the top choices of many homeowners today. It gives your home an aesthetic beauty and boosts its value. It is easy to clean and requires very low maintenance. Furthermore, with proper care, it can last longer than other kinds of flooring. However, you may encounter water-damaged hardwood floor due to its being too sensitive. Wood and water do not mix and if not addressed immediately can lead to considerable damage.

To prevent further damage to your hardwood floor, you have to act fast and fix the damage. Here we will give you a guide on how to fix your water damaged hardwood floor and the most common signs of water damage on your wooden floor.  

What Are the Signs Water-Damaged Hardwood Floor?

Chances are, by the time you notice a water-damaged hardwood floor, it has already hurt your flooring. Thus, it is important to keep an eye out for any early signs of hardwood floor water damage.

  • Cupping of the planks. This happens due to the moisture in the wood, causing the wood to expand and push the board together and deform in the center.  
  • Crowning of the planks.  It happens when the edges of the wood shrink in towards the bottom causing the middle of the planks to swell.  
  • Buckled wood boards. If left unchecked, cupping or crowning can lead to wood buckling. This is when the floorboards begin to lift from the subfloor, causing extensive damage to your flooring.   
  • Other signs of damage include the separation of boards, cracks on the floors, and wood weakening.

How To Fix Water-Damaged Hardwood Floor

When water damage affects your wooden flooring, you have to act fast to avoid more serious damage. Follow these steps to fix a water-damaged hardwood floor.

1. Find and Resolve the Source Of The Problem

To start dealing with water damage on wooden floors, you need to locate and fix the root cause. The damage could be due to leaks, spills, overflows, or a difference in moisture levels between the air and the wood. If a leaky pipe is causing the damage, you must repair it first to prevent increased moisture and further complications. Once you’ve identified and resolved the problem source, you can proceed with the repair process.

2. Remove Water and Dry The Affected Area

To dry the area, eliminate any water or moisture. Use a wet/dry vacuum to efficiently suck up standing water. If the water has seeped into the wood, the vacuum can also help extract the moisture. Alternatively, use mops or towels to wipe away any remaining water or moisture from the floor.

3. Treat the Moldy Areas

Check the wooden floors and subfloor for any indications of mold growth. The presence of a musty smell is a clear sign of mold. If you notice molds developing, use a solution of bleach to eliminate the mold and spores.

4. Dry And Ventilate The Floor

You can dry the floor naturally using fans, but make sure not to apply any heat. Applying heat to wood may lead to mold growth and other problems. If the weather permits, open doors, and windows for proper air circulation. If the condition of the room is too humid, you may need to use a  dehumidifier to remove moisture in the room. 

Repairing Warped Hardwood Floor

If you are dealing with slightly warped boards, you can repair them by simply sanding them down. Once the moisture on the floor is removed, carefully sand down the boards using fine-grit sandpaper. Also, you can fix warped hardwood floors by placing a heavy object (such as a dresser, or a piece of furniture) on top of the board. 

However, if the wood starts to buckle, you may need to remove and replace the affected planks. If water has caused serious damage to the floor, you may have to replace your entire hardwood floor. That is why it is important to act fast when dealing with water-damaged hardwood floors.

Seek Professional Help

If you suspect your floor has suffered water damage, you can take these steps to fix the problem on your own. However, in any case of water damage, it is always best to seek help from a licensed restoration company. 

Water Damage Riverside of Superior Restoration is a certified restoration company that provides excellent restoration services. They will work diligently to restore your water damaged hardwood floor and address any sources of water damage to prevent further damage to your wood flooring.

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