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Smoke and Soot: 2 Deadly Dangers You Must Know


smoke and sootAfter extinguishing a fire, the next problem a homeowner deal with is the problem of smoke and soot. Many people think that dealing with them is easy without knowing that they cause some hazards. In this article, I will explain further the meaning of smoke and soot and the risks involved in dealing with them. 

What are Smoke And Soot?

Smoke consists of different kinds of chemicals that are harmful to our bodies. All smoke comprises carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and particulate matter or soot. As much as possible, people should avoid being exposed to smoke because it poses health hazards. 

Soots are black carbonaceous substances produced during incomplete combustion of wood, oil, coal, etc. Those substances rise in particles which blackens the surfaces in contact. 

What are the Dangers Involved in Smoke and Soot?

After a fire, some homeowners try to spend less by restoring their homes on their own. There are things that people need to know regarding the risks involved in dealing with smoke and soot. 

Toxic materials 

  • Asbestos fibers from building materials that cause mesothelioma (cancer).
  • Carbon monoxide, hydrogen, ammonia, nitrogen oxides, and tar from carbon materials. 
  • Hydrogen chloride, phosgene, dioxin, chloromethane, bromomethane, and halocarbons from PVC. 
  • Wood smoke contains more than 100 substances found in cigarettes. 
  • hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, and thiols from sulfur also produces residual smoke odor. 

Bad effects 

  1. Respiratory Issues

 Exposure to smoke and soot for a long time produces problems to the respiratory system such as asthma or even bronchitis. Fetuses, infants, young children, and the elderly are more vulnerable to smoke and soot.

  1. Cancer

Smoke and soots contain chemicals that cause cancer. The study shows cases of scrotal cancer in chimney sweeps.  Aside from scrotal cancer, they also found an excess of cancer in the lung, bladder, and esophagus among them. 

  1. Premature deaths

According to the study, around 20,000 premature deaths happen in the United States due to exposure to soot. 

  1. Indoor Air Pollution

When soot is present, the quality of the air inside the house decreases. Soot consists of different kinds of pollutants including chemicals, acids, metals, soils, and dust. Since soot is very small, it can easily be mixed with the air which causes air pollution. 

Why do we need to call professionals?

When faced with unexpected fire incidents, it is important to call a professional restoration company to deal with the situation. Smoke and soot pose risks to your health. Our staff in Superior Restoration are trained enough to carry out the restoration process. We also use state-of-the-art equipment to restore your properties to their original state. Contact Superior Restoration Riverside now


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