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Leaking Shower: 5 Possible Causes


leaking showerWhenever you go to your shower room and hear water drips, the “drip..drip..drip” sound of water, you feel anxious knowing that your water bill might go up. Moreover, you’re also thinking about the expenses that might incur in fixing a leaking shower. However, knowing how to identify where the problem is coming from might help you to temporarily solve the issue and fix the leak. This can save you from serious water damage.

Reasons for Your Leaking Shower

There could be varied reasons for a leaking shower. From showerheads to water supply leaks, it’s hard to solve all water leak issues at once. See the following most common reasons:

1. Leaks in the Shower Head

They are usually caused by the build-up or formation of mineral deposits, worn or cracked cartridges, or when the handle is in the off position.

2. Shower Tray

Commonly, a leaking shower can occur in the joint between the walls and the shower tray. This happens due to the movement of the shower tray, sealant issues, or faults with the shower seals.

3. A Dripping Mixer Valve

The common causes of mixer valve leakages are the following: a loosened or damaged tap washer, a loosened or damaged O-ring, or damage to the tap itself.

4. A Leak to the Water Supply

The leak to the water supply of your shower is often caused by solder connections to your tub or shower that are incorrectly fitted or aging.

5. Grout Issues

The easiest to fix is the grouting problems between your shower and the wall. Frequent causes of grout issues are the following:

  • Fragments or gaps in tile grouting.
  • Cracks in grouting between the wall and the shower tray.

Check the Main Water Shut off Valve

Before trying to fix your leaking shower or any leaks, be sure to always turn off the main water supply.

How to Fix Leaking Shower

Leaking Shower Head

a. Knowing how to clean the showerhead is necessary to improve the performance and water flow of the unit. Moreover, this will prevent possible blockages that can cause leaks. Hard water deposits can form in the holes of the showerhead over time.

So to break up the hard water, loosen the nut that secures the showerhead to the shower arm and soak the head in white vinegar. This should be soaked overnight to soften the mineral build-up, then thoroughly clean.

b. Also, check for a worn seal. Over time, the watertight seal that is being formed by the washers and the O-ring between the connections on the showerhead can harden or split. Thus, allowing water to leak out.

Leaking Shower Tray/Pan

The shower pan should be completely dried before covering the drain with thick duct tape to seal the drain tight.
In addition, as temporary measures, you can apply some masonry sealant around your shower tray if this is the issue. However, you need to call a professional plumber for a permanent solution.

Leaking Shower Valve/Faucet Valve

The mixing valve is a traditional type of shower valve. Depending on your shower, repairing a mixer valve can be a simple process. When you turn on the shower valve, the cold/hot water passes the valve and mixes to the temperature you desire.
You first need to turn off the water supply to the shower before starting to repair then remove the handle of the mixer valve.
Most brands of shower valves have the same method to install the valve unless it’s a pull-type stop on the tub which has a diverter valve for redirection of water.

If the leak is from the valve stem, just turn off the water to the valve and change the cartridge. Moreover, if the leak is from the valve body itself, the valve needs to be cut out and replaced. Make sure to put it a little far from the valve so you can piece it in with a repair coupling when you cut the valve.

To fix a leaky shower faucet, remove the handle from the stem and then loosen it. Remove the packing nut as well as the old washer. Then slide on the new one. Reinstall the packing nut and after tightening lightly with a wrench, reattach the handle.

Leaking Tiled Shower Wall

If there are gaps in your grouting, the best solution is to regrouting the area. The repair should be easy once you have scraped out aging or loose grout.

Leaking Drain

If you can go to the bottom area of the shower through a side panel, fixing a drain leak would be simple. Just try tightening the nut that locks the drain in place. If it doesn’t work, then you need to change the drain assembly. In this case, you need to seek a plumbing expert.

Leaking Water Supply

Replacing the shower arm or spout is the easiest fix. However, if that doesn’t solve the issue, you will likely need to access the bathroom pipework. This job is best left to plumbing specialists.

Water Damage Restoration Professionals

Water damage due to a leaking shower needs immediate attention to prevent the damage from extending to other areas of your home. When water damage strikes your property, contact the most trusted company in water damage restoration.

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