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Work, Children and water Damage: The Tricky Trinity


Working at home has advantages and disadvantages. If you have children that means you can conveniently stay home with them and still make an income. The disadvantage could be that while taking care of your kids and keeping up with a deadline, you may miss very easily detectable signs of water damage.

if you miss the tall tale signs of damage don’t despair, a high quality water damage restoration company can you save the day.


Water on the bathroom floor isn’t always drips from freshly clean little hands traveling to a towel on the rack to get dry. It could be black water from the toilet that your child just blocked up by giving his or her toy a good wash down the toilet. The water on the floor is clear you say, well black water isn’t necessarily the color of the water. Black water is the overflow of water from the toilets, which is highly toxic and not safe for kids or adults. This water should only be handled with proper safety equipment.


If the black water was to travel from the bathroom to the next room and the room floor is carpeted, you’d need to take quick steps into quickly sterilizing the carpet. Water can get trapped under the carpet, causing mold to grow and a mildew smell can take place. If this happens, pleas call a water damage restoration company who can properly put your home and workspace back in order. You and your kids will be safe from hazardous mold by a simple phone call.


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