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Water Damage Restoration: DIY is a Bad Idea


The internet makes it seem possible to do any project in your home on your own. The videos on the internet with step-by-step guidelines fill up your mind with such ideas that you begin to think that any project can be handled by simply following the guidelines on the internet.

Although you might be able to make some minor repairs in your home such as fix a broken light or put a stop to a leak in your roof, when it comes to restoration of your home after water damage, you should never go for a DIY approach. Water damage restoration is a job that can only be done right by certified professionals.

Here’s why you should never attempt a DIY water damage restoration.

Health and Safety Hazards

Health and safety hazards are the biggest concern when it comes to water damage. Water damage from sewer backup or flood is especially dangerous as it contains bacteria and other microorganisms which can be harmful to your health.

If you attempt a DIY water damage restoration, you’ll be inviting damage to your health as you’re not aware of proper mitigation steps to deal with dangerous microorganisms in water. Only certified professionals know how to perform mitigation and dry your home properly after water damage.

Hidden Damage

Water damage in your home is never obvious. The moisture can accumulate inside of walls, under carpet and other materials. If you try to restore your home with a DIY approach and fail to properly diagnose the level of damage, the problems can become worse.

Certified professionals have a moisture sensor probe which is used to assess all the damage in your home. No damage remains hidden and every part of your home is dried up to prevent any issue.

Lack of Proper Equipment

You don’t have the proper tools and equipment that are required to cleanup and dry you home after water damage. You may rent the equipment like some dryers and dehumidifiers, but that would be of no use since you don’t have proper knowledge and training to use the tools properly.

Certified professionals from a water damage restoration company possess the technical tools and equipment and know how to use them to expedite the drying process.

They have advanced dehumidifiers and fans that are designed for sole purpose of drying homes and buildings in case of water damage. You, as a homeowner, can never get your hands on such equipment which means that you can never perform restoration in your home in the same way as is done by certified professionals.

Leave DIY, Hire Professionals

Surely, you now understand that water damage restoration is not a DIY job and should only be left to certified professionals. If you happen to ever suffer from unfortunate water damage, contact Superior Restoration as we have over 50 years of experience in handling water damage and will treat the restoration of your home with the highest level of professionalism.





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