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Leaks and your landscape gardening: are they connected?



Oftentimes if your basement floods and you have recently had landscape gardening the two will be connected. Why is this? The soil around your house has compacted to a point that it is impervious to most flooding. Also the gradient around your home usually slopes slightly downwards and away from the house itself. This is to prevent water from building up around the house and the walls and the basement. If either the slope of the gradient or the soil are change without reference to water damage you will have a major problem on your hands in the future. The first huge flooding will find you wanting.


Another problem that can cause flooding in your house and is connected to landscape gardening is the installation or restoration of pipes in your garden. Most people know the pain and horror of digging in their garden and suddenly hearing a crunching noise from beneath and you realize that you have just got into a pipe and you have added hours onto your already busy schedule. When you fix that pipe if the leak persists it can make its way towards your home and cause untold damage.


One excellent way to do with this problem is to go outside with a hose and water around your house. While doing this take careful note of where the water gathers around your house. If it gathers too close to the house you may need to increase the slope away from the house but if it gathers far enough away you shouldn’t have to worry. One excellent way to deal with pooling water is to point a sort of garden that is filled with plants that absorb massive amounts of water in a single go. In any case when it comes to water damage and your home the more carefully you are less likely you’ll have to deal with future problems.



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